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About us

Long time ago, in year of 2012, in the land of startups, an idea for company to be created was born.

Founded in the center of business world, two enthusiastic minds decided to create a web application that is going to help them with information security and compliance.

Even though some solutions have already existed, their long term and wide experience showed that the best way was to start building is to do everything from scratch.

Therefore, eclectic team of creative and result-driven developers, who were yet to find out challenges that were ahead of them, was gathered in order to give life to this project. Thus, the PDT was born.

In the beginning main focus was to provide the best possible solution that is related to cybersecurity. Challenge was (and still is) to provide pragmatic solution without taking the complexity out of the requirements that need to be met.

Our small, but dedicated, team made all of that look easy, but at the same time at a high level of quality that is on pair with much bigger teams. Through the years, PDT has been expanding.

Number of satisfied clients grew steadily and with each new project we have been evolving into what we are today. Every day we try to come up with new ideas how to give a breath of fresh air into an oversaturated software market. Our ideas are not limited only to our clients. We are also our own best partner.

Our team

They say every man is and island. We kind of are, but we function as an archipelago. We’re all unique and different but respect each other and celebrate those differences. That’s what makes us interesting as a team.

As a company we strive to keep developing day by day. To do that, we must first take care of our team members. We are deeply invested in their personal and professional growth, because all their knowledge, creativity and persistence, basically existence, are the core of this company. Without them the company would still be floating in the universe of undeveloped start-up ideas with a pretty catchy acronym.

Nebojsa Stojanovic


Radovan Vukovic

Software Architect

Our methodology in software development is based on agile approaches, most notably Scrum. Everything revolves around a cross-funcional team, comprised of developers with different levels of experience and testers. There is always suficient expertise within the team for back-end development, front-end deveopment, working with DB systems and deployment concerns. To that end we use continuos integration within development and testing processes. With our approach we are able to maintain consistent and predictable rate at which new features are implemented and delivered, with minimized risks at deployment stage and the rest of product lifecycle.

We offer

Dedicated Teams

Building offshore development teams and centers has been our key service since our conception in 2012. Through consistent work, PDT has acquired a reputation of a reliable offshore partner for innovative businesses that look to upscale their in-house development capacity or require access to particular technology or domain expertise.

How it works

- We build your team based on your requirements, using our internal development resources and recruitment capabilities.
- We try to keep our best people in-house, so you may find some developer resources available right from the start. If required, our HR team will help to meet your special needs.
- We integrate the team with your site over project manager responsible for team integration.
- We taka care of your team at our development centers, providing technical infrastructure, continued education and professional growth.

Nearshore Outsourcing

The concept of nearshoring involves outsourcing of business processes within an organization. The outsourcing of software development can be useful to achieve a concentration on core business or to free significant internal resources for other tasks. Every software project is different, therefore PDT provides a suitable and customized employment model with a mix of on-site and remote software developers. This way our clients can scale internal software projects with software developers or simply pass the programming tasks to the external development team provided by PDT.

How it works

With an experienced team setting up an external software development project using nearshoring as concept is relatively simple.
We discuss, define and implement requirements together and pass to correcponding team.
We provide single point of contact, and you simple start delegating yout projects needs.

  • Analysis of Requirements
    Analysis of Requirements
  • Design and Modeling
    Design and Modeling
  • QA and Testing
    QA and Testing
  • Implementation and Maintenance
    Implementation and Maintenance
  • Creation of User Manuals
    Creation of User Manuals
GRC commander

Join us

If you don’t see the right opening but think you’re a good fit for our team, please get in touch:

We currently have open positions for:

Java Developer

Confident with Java Web Development

Senior Java Developer

Java Web development - Spring and Hibernate master

Front End Developer

Angular / Java Script Ninja


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